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TitleGCMS Head Softball Coach
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REPORTS TO: Athletic Director and/or Principal and/or Superintendent



1. Has a shared responsibility of emphasizing the importance of excelling in academics as well as athletics.

2. Has full responsibility for the overall supervision of the program, including junior varsity and varsity teams.

3. Is in charge of assigning all duties of assistant coaches working under his/her supervision.

4. Is responsible for keeping practice periods for the sport within the confines of the time specified by the athletic director and with due consideration to the coaching staff and welfare of participants.

5. Is responsible for the general upkeep and protection of equipment under the jurisdiction of the program.

6. Reports periodically while the sport is in season to the athletic director with regard to developments in the program

7. Is directly responsible for a complete inventory of the equipment used for the sport; to be made at the end of each season.

8. Writes at the end of the season an annual report evaluating the program with recommendation for improvements.

9. Is responsible for keeping records as requested by the athletic director.

10. Is responsible for recommending purchase of equipment, supplies, and uniforms as need demands.

11. Has a shared responsibility for striving to build good sportsmanship and developing good public relations in the school and community.

12. Plans and schedules a regular program of practice in season.

13. Responsible for making transportation requests to Transportation Director.

14. Works closely with the athletic director in scheduling interscholastic contests.

15. Oversees the safety conditions of the facility or area in which assigned sport is conducted at all times that athletes are present.

16. Promotes the sport through prompt and accurate score reporting to the local media.

17. Makes recommendations to the athletic director in matters of scheduling.

18. Cooperates with all other coaches in providing the optimum sports program possible under existing condition.

19. Makes financial reports of all trips away from home where money has been advanced and keeps accurate records when expenses are to be repaid.

20. Turns in the following to the athletic director.

a. An alphabetical squad roster as soon as the squad is set.

b. A squad roster with all necessary personal data, at least one week before the first contest.

c. An alphabetical list of award winners and score sheets immediately following the season.

21. Keeps abreast of new developments, innovative ideas and techniques by attendance at clinics, workshops, and reading in the field.




1. Coaches individual participants in the skills necessary for excellent achievement in the sport involved.

2. Helps to establish performance criteria for eligibility in interscholastic competition in all sports.

3. Enforces disciplined and sportsmanlike behavior at all times, and establishes and oversees penalties for breach of such standards by individual students.

4. Determines the system of play to be used.

5. Understands that he/she is continually on display and must exercise good judgment in protecting positive coaching behavior.

6. Is responsible for the team’s conduct during practice and traveling, as well as playing. All coaches would like athletic teams to project a “class image” and they should lead by example in that endeavor.

7. Encourages good sportsmanship and desirable pupil/teacher relationships.

8. Is certain that no athlete is permitted to participate until all appropriate “check-out” procedures have been completed.

9. Responsible for implementation of minimum eligibility requirements as set by KHSAA and the Graves County Board of Education.

10. Thoroughly explains eligibility requirements and participation rules to all squad members.

11. Is responsible for clearing with the athletic director, the departure time for trips that involve loss of school time; and for seeing that the faculty is given adequate and appropriate notice.

12. Must accompany team on bus to all away games.

13. Should see that all participants have made necessary arrangements for their own transportation home when returning from road trips in late evening hours.

14. Performs related duties and assumes other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal or Superintendent.

Shift TypePart-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationGraves County Middle School

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Start Date10/25/2017
End Date03/14/2018

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NameWes JohnsonTitleGCMS Athletic Director